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contour of streamfunction for fluid flow

Asked by Ignatius Fernandes on 19 May 2013

Hi all! I am a bit new to matlab; I am trying to plot contour of streamfunction and tried following steps:

1. first created a m-function as follows:

function [ psi ] = flowfun( u,v )

for i=2:n-1;j=2:m-1;

2. tried plotting the streamlines using contour as follows:
z = psi(1:n,1:m); 
x = linspace(0,1,size(z,2));
y = linspace(0,1,size(z,1));


but did not get any contour.. just wanted to know whether I am doing it correctly. if not, what will be the best way to plot streamlines of fluid flow.

any comments will be of great help. thank you


Ignatius Fernandes


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