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Integer Constrained Multi Objective Optimization

Asked by David
on 20 May 2013

Hi there, I am wondering is it possible at all to use the Multiobjective optimization solver with integer constraints?

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How many parameters do you have? What's their range? If both are reasonably small, you could always use a Monte Carlo approach and test all possible combinations.

1 Answer

Answer by Alan Weiss
on 20 May 2013

Sorry, the gamultiobj function does not accept either integer constraints or nonlinear constraints.

Alan Weiss

MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation


Will it accept a bit string as a population?

Yes, you can use a bit string population with gamultiobj, as you can find out easily by looking in the Optimization Tool.

For details on the bit string population type, see the documentation.

Alan Weiss

MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation

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