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boundary problems of 2-D convolution block in Simulink

Asked by Kyle

Kyle (view profile)

on 20 May 2013

Hi experts, recently I'm running simulation of pattern dynamics for the Brusseltor model in the simulink environment. To process 2-D convolution I simply picked up 2-D convolution block. But the results seems strange. My questions are

1. How to setup different boundary conditions ? Matlab built-in conv2() allows easy setup boundary conditions for either wrap, zero-flux, etc. How shall I realize them in the 2-D convolution box ?

2. How to let 2-D convolution block accept floating points ? Configuration of 2-D convolution box allows various fixed-point modes, but how shall I adjust it so that the convolution of matrix will have floating points ?

Many thanks Kyle



Kyle (view profile)


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0 Answers

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