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How to calculate Chi-square statistic

Asked by Silas Adiko

Silas Adiko (view profile)

on 20 May 2013

Dear Support,

I am fitting a distribution to data and trying to perform chi-square goodness-of-fit test.

I have calculated the likelihood values and wanted to perform goodness-of-fit test

However, having read through the Help menus, I tried to run the script below but am getting error:

x=claims; [h,p,stats] = chi2gof(X,'cdf','weibull',nparams,2)

where claims is 1xn vector

I do not know where I have gone wrong and would appreciate anyone's assistance to resolve this.

Also, I needed the script to calculate chi-square test statistic for Negative Binomial distribution.

Much thanks in advance

1 Comment

the cyclist

the cyclist (view profile)

on 23 May 2013

What's the complete error message you are getting?

Silas Adiko

Silas Adiko (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by Tom Lane

Tom Lane (view profile)

on 24 May 2013
Accepted answer

I believe you got an answer separately on comp.soft-sys.matlab, but:

  • replace 'weibull' by @wblcdf (not in quotes)
  • replace nparams by 'nparams' (in quotes)

Try @nbincdf to use the negative binomial cdf.


Tom Lane

Tom Lane (view profile)

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