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Finding a bit value ?

Asked by Aleksander
on 22 May 2013

Hi. I have a value like a = 10101 this would change after how my program is run, but i will always use 0 or 1. so i consider this binary. now i would like to get the status of bit 5 i.e the first number (closest to the equal sign).

note!: the intention is to have the binary row decied which buttons are displayed in a gui.

this is what i have come up with

for i = 0:4
  count = i+1
if (bitget(main_sel2, count)==1)
  set(handles.(sprintf('but%d', count))(:),'Visible','on');
   set(handles.(sprintf('but%d', count))(:),'Visible','off');

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1 Answer

Matt J
Answer by Matt J
on 22 May 2013
Edited by Matt J
on 22 May 2013

One way,

    >> bits=fliplr(num2str(a)-'0'); bits(5)
ans =


Matt J
on 25 May 2013

Thea means that each segment in the 5 segment number coresponds to button, the trick is how to read each segment ??

Since you have "10101" in string form, you can index each digit in the string directly and convert it to numeric form, which is what I showed you in the solution I proposed. BITGET is not applicable here.

Thanks, i tested it now and looks to work as i want :) Sine i am a nub can you try to enlighten me how fliplr actualy dose This ? Thanks.

Matt J
on 25 May 2013

FLIPLR isn't doing anything significant. You posted that you want the indexing order of the bits to run from right to left (bit #5 is the leftmost bit). If you omit FLIPLR, you will be reading from left to right instead.

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