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Fangjun Jiang

Please vote if you DO NOT want to have M-function in M-script

Asked by Fangjun Jiang
on 18 May 2011


Thanks! Now I got confirmation about the 4-2-1 point scoring system by clicking "About MATLAB Answers". It also triggered me to look around and find out that I can click the drop down list of "Sort by" to see those statistics. I am determined to work hard to earn more points!
Damn! How much work do I need to do to catch up? I am far too behind. I plan to use my points to get a fee airline ticket. Which airline does Mathworks do business with?

I think the points are only redeemable for Sam Adams.

you cannot catch walter roberson is now matlab answers...if you try to catch him matlab answers will crush you...crush you...crush...


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2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 18 May 2011

+1: Better spend the time to improve the GUI objects - continuous slider callbacks, stable UITREE with supported context menu, sortable UITAB, let FIGURE(FigH) move the keyboard focus to the figure as claimed in the documentation (is this solved in 2011a?! It did not work from 5.3 to 2009a...), ComboBox (editable popup menu), stable GETFRAME (no need for PAUSE(0.02) to wait for drawing of Java objects), fix problems with OpenGL renderer (2% of the 2D plots with enabled Box miss the upper border), ...


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 18 May 2011

The only time I use scripts is as temporary scratch-pads, pasting in code from questions in order to see what it does or to debug it. And all that does is save me the trouble of adding a "function" line at the top.

The Programming Theory part of me says that Mathworks should not do this: that instead they should work on allowing MATLAB to be "reflective" like Scheme; see here for more information on Reflection. (Disclaimer: I have met the inventor of Reflection in programming languages, and some of my friends worked directly with him in extending the ideas.)

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MOO! Us cows are not good at reflection.

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