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Compressed Air energy Storage System Simscape - Continue to get errors

Asked by kayne
on 26 May 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Anand
on 20 May 2015

Hi, I have a model of a compressed air energy storage system, I am havingin trouble getting the model to run without error due to the pneumatic motor.

Is there anyone that could provide some assistance with these errors.

The system consists of the following components

PV Cell

DC motor

Air Compressor

Air motor

AC generator

Each time I run the simulation I get this error which goes above my knowledge.

The error is;

"Steady state solve failed to converge. ...Nonlinear solver to advance time one step failed to converge due to Linear Algebra error. Failed to solve using iteration matrix.

......Equations (including nonlinear equations) of one or more components may be dependent or inconsistent. This can cause problems in transient initialization. Here is the set of components involved: 'Final/Pneumatic Motor' Equation location is: 'C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2013a/toolbox/physmod/simscape/simscapedemos/+PneumaticMotor/PneumaticMotor.ssc' (line 81)

'Final/Rotational Pneumatic- Mechanical Converter' Equation location is: 'C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2013a/toolbox/physmod/simscape/library/m/+foundation/+pneumatic/+elements/rotational_converter.ssc' (line 99)"

If you can help me please let me know and I can send you the file, alternatively if someone can tell me how to upload it to this message I will do that.

Thanks for your time Regards, Kayne

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on 20 May 2015


I would like to solve the problem. Please send me the code &/ model.

Regards, Anand


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