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Looking through a Matlab Class

Asked by Martin
on 27 May 2013
Accepted Answer by Matt J


I would like to execute some actions on every object of my class, say "Island".

Is there a command in Matlab allowing this? like

for island = Island

    % actions to do


I hope I've made myself understood :)

Thank you!





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2 Answers

Answer by Matt J
on 27 May 2013
 Accepted answer

if you have an array, obj, of Island objects, you would just do things like

 for i=1:length(obj)


Answer by Martin
on 27 May 2013
Edited by Matt J
on 28 May 2013

Ok, thank you. It seems that there is no other solution :).

Another question, which may appear a bit silly :

If I create an array :

Skye = 1
Corse = 2
All_Islands = [Skye Corse]

Is there a way, only using All_Islands, to find the name of the variables (Skye & Corse) and not only there values (1 % 2)?

Sounds like a beginner's question and seems like the answer is no, but we never know... :)



My first remark was pointing the fact that I was obliged to create an array to look over all the elements of a class. I was simply wondering whether a command like "for island in Islands" existed.

For the second, I was wondering if, by just looking over the array AllIslands, it would have been possible to get the names of the variables (to display them with their associated values for example).

@Martin, what you are asking to do seems a little bit strange (both the getting all objects and the getting the variable names). I think they are two separate questions and should be asked as such (you are likely to get better answers). In order to get the best answers, you will likely need to provide some broader insight into what you are trying to accomplish since my guess is you are too focused on the problem right now. Finally, please use the question, comment, and answer fields appropriately as it makes it easier to follow what is going on.

Ah yeah I just got the difference between comment and answer :) .

Never mind for the second question, as I said it's probably stupid. And the first one has been answered :)

Thank you Matt and Daniel!

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