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Sajid Khan

Calculating kurtosis and skewness using moment function

Asked by Sajid Khan
on 27 May 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to calculate skewness and kurtosis of an image. Kurtosis is 4th order moment while skewness is 3rd order moment whose formulas are given below:

KURT = E〖(x-µ)〗^4/σ^4

SKEW = E〖(x-µ)〗^3/σ^3

I am using matlab function moment as below

Kurt = moment(image(:),4)

Skew = moment(image(:),3)

Am I doing it in a correct way?



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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 27 May 2013

I think you need to subtract the mean from the image. It's the 3rd and 4th central moment. By the way, don't name a variable "image" since it's the name of a built-in function.


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