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Code for Calendar GUI in Matlab

Asked by Sanjay Agrawal on 29 May 2013

Does anyone know of a Calendar GUI for matlab's Guide gui system? I'd like to implement an easy user clickable date selection. So if there is any code do this and under which function this code should be? Plz help me




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1 Answer

Answer by per isakson
on 29 May 2013

Search the File Exchange for "calendar gui". I use UIGETDATE.


Jan Simon
on 30 May 2013

@Image Analyst: UIGETDATE is a stand-alone GUI. Fortunately, it creates the GUI programmatically, such that you do not have to struggle with a FIG file and ugly GUIDE code. Integrating it in larger GUIs is possible by omitting the figure command (but using the existing figure) and adjusting the positions.

I like the form as popup-dialog (with removed figure borders by WindowAPI and auto-delete on loss of focus by Java callbacks), because it would waste to much space on my GUIs.

Hi, This 'UIGETDATE' is not working. To do this, first should i download UIGETDATE?. I tried to download this, But i could not.

Can anyone help me to sort out this problem in any way....??

Yes, you need to

  • download UIGETDATE. The file is
  • unzip it to a new folder
  • add the new folder to the Matlab search path
  • run the function

"is not working" and "But i could not" are too vague. You need to be more specific.

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