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check if whole matrix zero

Asked by Light
on 7 Jun 2013

Now i combined answers. Help me about this iteration. I want it iterate until whole matrix zero.

if ~sum(A(:))   % this iteration will be continued until whole matrix zero 0
   f = find(any(A==-1,2)); % i have to find row which including only one -1, if found 2 or more, i have to pick just one of them in that iteration. How can i find it?
% in one column only one -1 and 1. then after find row with only one -1, i have to add it to the row with 1 which is staying with one column. It is the way my matrix will be zero. 

2nd row which including only one -1 is added to the first row. after that:


If all whole matrix not zero. then will be iterated again. Please give me some clue. Help me!

Thank you for ADVICE!


on 7 Jun 2013

My savers it can be answered one by one.

How can i use if function to iterate it. Give me some structure please


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 7 Jun 2013

while true
  if (the ending condition is met)
  rownum = index of one row that has exactly one -1
  neg1idx = column index of -1 in row number rownum
  plus1rownum = row index of row that has +1 in column number negidx
  A(plus1rownum,:) = A(plus1rownum,:) + A(rownum, :);

It is, however, highly recommended that you add protections in case the input matrix is not structured the way you expect.


A matrix could sum to zero without every element being zero. If you want every element being zero, you need to take abs() before summing, or use nnz().

As I wrote in

will be true if M is entirely 0

Using nnz is a good idea:

nnz(M) == 0

will be true if M has only 0's in it.

on 7 Jun 2013

Using the terminology of Walter Roberson but simpler

while ~(ending condition is met)
% Include the iteration code here

As mentioned in the previous comments, be careful with the ending condition

1) If you write

while sum(A(:) 

the code will iterate until all elements of A add up to zero. This can occur, however, even if not all elements of A are zero.

2) If you write either

while sum(abs(A(:))) 


while any(A(:))

then the code will iterate until all elements of A are zero (not just their sum).

NOTICE that in your comment to Walter Roberson answer, the condition if sum(A(:)) lets the iteration continue unless the sum of the elements of A is different from zero, which I think is not exactly what you want, or is it?

Best regards

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