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Using Matlab for Input and Output and Excel for Calculation

Asked by Xee

Xee (view profile)

on 7 Jun 2013

I have developed an excel tool for calculation of Satellite Power Budget. Now i want to create a decent and presentable GUI for that tool in MATLAB. kindly guide me how can i use MATLAB for asking for inputs (like power requirements, degradation factors for solar type, mission life etc for solar panel sizing and battery sizing), then link those inputs to specific/correct cells oin excel and use using excel the results for solar panel and battery sizing are calculated in EXCEL and the result cells are imported in MATLAB and displayed there on pressing a puch button in MATLAB GUI. i dont wanna do programming in matlab or VBA in excel so please help in suggesting a solution that involves minimum programing/coding and maximum just linking the data, importing exporting the data between Excel and MATLAB to achieve said results.



per isakson

per isakson (view profile)

on 7 Jun 2013

How come you chosen Matlab to make a "decent and presentable GUI" ?


chaks (view profile)

on 7 Jun 2013

Please watch the video It will help you to build GUI on MATLAB platform easily.


Xee (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by Ilham Hardy

Ilham Hardy (view profile)

on 7 Jun 2013

You might want to check this:


Ilham Hardy

Ilham Hardy (view profile)

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