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I have a wblfit error

Asked by Adam
on 7 Jun 2013


I have an error with my wblfit. I am applying it to some data and I get the error: "X must be a vector containing positive values." I know that the data is a vector (I checked with isvector) and that all the values are greater than zero (I searched for values less than or equal to zero and got none). Now I really don't understand this error.





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1 Answer

Answer by Tom Lane
on 9 Jun 2013
 Accepted answer

Nor do I understand it. But if I look inside wblfit I see it displays an error message if either of these is true:

if ~isvector(x)
    % or
elseif any(x <= 0)

Can you double-check those conditions on your data?

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on 11 Jun 2013

Hi Tom,

Thanks. I noticed this too and did a quick check, but didn't get any zero values. However when I checked again there were indeed zeros in the data so problem solved.



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