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Index exceeds matrix dimensions.AGAIN

Asked by Light
on 8 Jun 2013

FAILED AGAIN ;-(((( Accepted wrong one

f = figure('Position',[10 10 600 600]);
dat = {-1,1,1;0,-1,0;0,0,-1;1,0,0};
cnames = {'18','29','51'};
rnames = {'12','26','35','44'};
t = uitable('Parent',f,'Data',dat,'ColumnName',cnames,... 
            'RowName',rnames,'Position',[10 10 590 590]);
        blnA = logical( A == -1 );
blnOut = find(any(A == -1,2));
maxValue = max(negcolumn)
index = rnames{maxValue}

maxValue =

index =


Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Please give me easy way...

Help, Help, Help It is my last question?


on 8 Jun 2013

Sorry i'm nervous. I will change it clear!

Image Analyst
on 8 Jun 2013

No one even knows what you want to do. The code is so bad that we can't even figure it out. Please explain, in words, what you want to do with the cnames and rnames and the table. It seems like you're looking for -1's but I don't know what you want to do if you find them.

Azzi Abdelmalek
on 8 Jun 2013

Light, can you enlighten us by making your question breve and clear, or maybe you need to learn basics of Matlab



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