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How to customize SVM kernel parameters in Matlab

Asked by Ikra89
on 9 Jun 2013


I want to ask about how to customize SVM kernel parameters in Matlab.

For ex: I have linear kernel, polynomial kernel, and RBF kernel with:

C = 0.2;
gamma = 0.8;
r = 0.05;
d = 3;

My question is how do I customize it using svmstruct.

1. linear: ??

2. polynomial: ??

3. RBF:

svmstruct = svmtrain(data, groups, 'Kernel_Function', 'rbf', 'RBF_Sigma', 0.2, 'BoxConstraint', 0.8);

CMIIW about how to customize RBF kernel.

I'd really appreciate if anybody could help my research. Thanks.




2 Answers

Answer by Ikra89
on 10 Jun 2013

anybody can help? :)


Answer by Ahmed
on 10 Jun 2013

Documentation given by

   help svmtrain

should give you all information you need. What is the meaning of your variable r?

1. the linear kernel has only parameter C

   svmstruct = svmtrain(data, groups, 'Kernel_Function', 'linear', 'BoxConstraint', 0.2);

2. polynomial has parameters C and polyorder

   svmstruct = svmtrain(data, groups, 'Kernel_Function', 'polynomial', 'polyorder',3,'BoxConstraint', 0.2);

3. RBF

you might have mixed up the constants C and gamma in your code


on 10 Jun 2013

It looks like Matlab's svmtrain function only supports homogeneous polynomial kernels. You can however, define an arbitrary kernel function and pass a handle of it to svmtrain. See section kernel_function -> @kfun in the documentation for description and example.

on 12 Jun 2013

can you give me an example how to use @kfun

i have tried many times but still error

on 6 Jul 2013

Using an anonymous function of a linear kernel would be:

svmstruct = svmtrain(data, groups, ...
'Kernel_Function',@(x1,x2) x1*x2','BoxConstraint', 0.2);

Note, that your kernel function must lead to a valid kernel.

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