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Box plot y-axis

Asked by petya
on 13 Jun 2013

How can I make a box plot for the data in "trials" but have the "outcome" on the y-axis? If I re-size the axis I get only a portion of the box plot.

trials=[98    72    79    50    58    38    17     9     3     3] 
outcome=[1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10]

(read: on 98 trials outcome 1 came, on another 72 trials outcome 2 came)

Thanks a lot!


the cyclist
on 13 Jun 2013

Do you already have code for making the box plot? Can you post that?

on 14 Jun 2013

x = arrayfun(@(a,b) ones(a,1)*b, hit_box, outcome, 'uni', 0) x = cat(1, x{:}) boxplot(x)



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1 Answer

Answer by Kelly Kearney
on 13 Jun 2013
 Accepted answer

Is this the sort of thing your looking for?

x = arrayfun(@(a,b) ones(a,1)*b, trials, outcome, 'uni', 0)
x = cat(1, x{:})

(Though given the skewedness of your data, a histogram might be a better choice for visualization).

  1 Comment

on 14 Jun 2013

Yes! Thank you so much!

best p

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