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how i can compress double data type of matrix without loss any information?

Asked by Ahmed almansory on 17 Jun 2013

i have a double data type matrix (image) i want to compress it without any loss of information with keep the data type of image (double).


In the general case, you cannot be sure that you will be able to reduce the amount of memory being used.

on 17 Jun 2013

Double format (15 significant figures and a range of 10^-308 to 10^+308) numbers are excessive for most normal images.

Single format numbers are still excessive. (7 significant figures and a range of around 10^-38 to 10^+38)

16 bit integers compare extremely well, and this corresponds to the "raw" format of many relatively high end SLR digital cameras.

8 bit integers, again, compare well. This is what your normal PC monitor can handle. (8 bit Red, 8 bit Green, 8 bit blue [8 bit transparency etc.])

Provided that your numbers are sensibly scaled (0 to 65535), you really won't need anything beyond 16 bit integers.


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