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How to Select a distinct subset of a CellArray

Asked by Léon
on 17 Jun 2013


please consider the following problem:

x = {1,1;1,2;1,3;2,1;2,2}
[C,IA,IC] = unique(x(:,1))
C(1) % ==> is 1, now I want to get all rows of x where we have a 1 in the first column.

Would be super glad to get a tip how to achieve that!



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2 Answers

Answer by David Sanchez
on 17 Jun 2013

v = find(x(:,1)==C(1))


Answer by Andrei Bobrov
on 17 Jun 2013

x = [1,1;1,2;1,3;2,1;2,2];
out = x(x(:,1) == 1,:);


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