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How Do I Breakout and Store 2 Time Values In The Same String?

Asked by Brad
on 18 Jun 2013

I’ve got a text file that contains hundreds of state times such as these:

State Time: 12:00:00.123 (43200.123)



State Time: 12:00:01.456 (43200.456)



State Time: 12:00:02.789 (43200.789)

I’m using the following commands to read the text file and define the pattern required for the REGEXP function:

buffer = fileread(OAMfilename);

exp = 'State Time:\s+([\d\:\.+\s+(\d.+)]+)';

ST = regexp(buffer, exp,'tokens');

This results in the following '<1x2 cell>':

'12:00:00.123 (43200.123)' '12:00:01.000 (43201.456)'

My goal is to have the 24-hour time and UTC times stored in separate cells (with no parentheses) for future processing/plotting purposes. Is this possible using my current approach?




1 Answer

Answer by Kelly Kearney
on 18 Jun 2013
 Accepted answer

In order to capture different parts of an expression, put those parts in parentheses (note in the example below the difference between \(, which matches a parentheses, and plain (, which begins a group and token.

str = {...
'State Time: 12:00:00.123 (43200.123)'
'State Time: 12:00:01.456 (43200.456)'
'State Time: 12:00:02.789 (43200.789)'};
str = sprintf('%s\n', str{:});
tok = regexp(str, 'State Time:\s+(\d+:\d+:[\d\.]+)\s+\(([\d\.]+)\)', 'tokens');
tok = cat(1, tok{:});

  1 Comment

on 19 Jun 2013

Kelly, thanks for the heads up on matching the parentheses. Will definitely be using this in the future as well!!

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