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HDL code generation in matlab

Asked by Bijoy
on 18 Jun 2013

I want to generate an HDL code from my matlab code. I am getting error at the first step only, "Verify floating point design"

Following is what comes in the dialogue box.

 ============= Step1: Verify Floating Point ==============
 Printing file dependency tree for HDLcoder_encoder
    + HDLcoder_encoder.m
        * gs.jpg
        * BWM.jpg
        + Watermarking_function.m
### Analyzing the design 'Watermarking_function'
### Analyzing the test bench 'HDLcoder_encoder'
### Begin Floating Point Simulation (Instrumented)
### Generating Mex file for 'Watermarking_function'
No directories were removed.
Use help fiaccel for more information on using this command.
### Please look into the errors by following the error report link.
Error using *buildInstrumentedMex*
 I don't know what to do. Please help.

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Can anyone give some details on the fiaccel function? i am getting this error during the HDL code generation in the step "Verify floating point". I am stuck at this point and cannot go ahead with my design. Please help and thanks in advance.



2 Answers

Answer by Tim McBrayer
on 18 Jun 2013

I would make sure that your code runs correctly in MATLAB first. Once this is the case, take a look at your use of MATLAB built-in functions. Any functions you use most be supported by HDL Coder. See the documentation at for supported functions and restrictions on their use with HDL Coder.


I don't have access to the document. Is there any other way to access it?

I believe you need to log into your MATLAB Central account to access the online documentation for HDL Coder. Alternatively, the identical information is available in the installed doc. Run

web([docroot '/hdlcoder/ug/fixed-point-run-time-library-support.html'])

To access it directly.

Answer by Kiran Kintali
on 29 Aug 2013

Can you contact MathWorks support with your code and someone will help you resolve the issue?


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