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Parallel toolbox "Couldn't find process 570"

Asked by Tyler
on 23 Jun 2013

I'm setting up Matlab on a new linux laptop. When I try to use the parallel toolbox via

>> matlabpool 4

I get the following error:

Error using matlabpool (line 134)
The following error occurred while retrieving the name of process 570:
Matlab/toolbox/distcomp/bin/util/ line 12: /bin/ps: No such file
or directory
Couldn't find process 570

What could be causing this? I've used this setup on several other computers without this problem.


Walter Roberson
on 25 Jun 2013

Notice your ps is /usr/bin/ps but is looking for /bin/ps

Is there a /bin/ps on your system? If not, then try linking /usr/bin/ps to /bin/ps

on 25 Jun 2013

/bin/ps is already linked to /usr/bin/ps.

[~]$ ls -al /bin
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Jun   1 03:40 /bin -> usr/bin

Just typing "/bin/ps" at the prompt gives the normal ps output.

Walter Roberson
on 25 Jun 2013

I do not have that toolbox so I cannot examine the code. I would have a look at Matlab/toolbox/distcomp/bin/util/ and in particular I would check what is going on on line 12 in that file.


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