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How to calculate distance from one point base to multipoints and save it as a row?

Asked by sarah nik on 24 Jun 2013

Hello Everyone,

I need your help in order to overcome my problem, here is my code:

AP_dist = zeros(N);
       for i = 1:N
          for j=1:1
               p=line([MS_loc(i,1) AP_pos(1,1)], [MS_loc(i,2)     AP_pos(1,2)],'Marker','.','LineStyle','-.');
               X= [MS_loc(i,1),AP_pos(1,1);MS_loc(i,2),AP_pos(1,2)];
                AP_dist= pdist(X,'euclidean')


Matt J on 24 Jun 2013

And the problem is?

sarah nik on 24 Jun 2013

ihave N=5. the problem is. AP_dist just save the latest value. it should have 5 value as my N=5.

sarah nik


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2 Answers

Answer by Andrei Bobrov on 24 Jun 2013
Edited by Andrei Bobrov on 24 Jun 2013
Accepted answer
AP_dist= sqrt(sum(bsxfun(@minus,MS_loc,AP_pos).^2,2));


for jj = size(MS_loc,1):-1:1
    AP_dist(jj,1) = pdist([MS_loc(jj,:);AP_pos]);


AP_dist = arrayfun(@(ii)pdist([MS_loc(ii,:);AP_pos]),(1:size(MS_loc,1))');

1 Comment

sarah nik on 26 Jun 2013

thank you very much!! ive tried all of them, and all works well

Andrei Bobrov
Answer by Walter Roberson on 24 Jun 2013
AP_dist(i) = pdist(X,'euclidean');

1 Comment

sarah nik on 24 Jun 2013

thank you for this. now i wonder whether i use the correct formula to calculate distance. because it gives different value. please help me AP_dist(i) = pdist(X,'euclidean'); or AP_dist(i) = sqrt((MS_loc(i,1) - AP_pos(j,1))^2 ... + (MS_loc(i,2) - AP_pos(j,2))^2);

Walter Roberson

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