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What is the maximum length of three dimensional matrix that I can save ?

Asked by Venkata Jayadeep Kodali on 25 Jun 2013

Hi I want to save a 8*16 matrix in a three dimensional matrix progressively. I want to allocate the maximum possible index for third dimension for quick execution. I know it depends on the system specifications and all. Please educate me in this topic .

If I dont pre allocate I get this message and I verified it also.

"Programs that change the size of a variable in this way can spend most of their run time in this inefficient activity. There is also significant overhead in shrinking an array on each iteration or in changing the size of a variable on each iteration. In such cases, MATLAB must reallocate and copy the contents repeatedly."



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2 Answers

Answer by the cyclist
on 25 Jun 2013

You can be "educated on this topic" if you read and understand this page:

However, just seeing how big an N you can make

x = rand(8,16,N)

will give you a useful upper limit.


Answer by Jan Simon
on 26 Jun 2013

The 2nd output of defines the maximum number of elements in an array. But usuaully the limit is much lower due to the available free memory.


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