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Why a code works differently in a command window and in a GUIDE?

Asked by Alexander
on 26 Jun 2013


I'm working with GUIDE and I have this error

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in ==> RAMAS>carga_cable_Callback at 211

I get variables of two uitable that are in different GUIDE, s and VB are in a GUIDE and r1, VB and jj in another GUIDE. Besides I can export all variables to workspace, but when a I execute code from GUIDE occurs error. When I write the operation in command window, I have the result that I need.

I do not understand what happens, since in a m.file this operation should be written as (without a point before the first item):

r1=[0.003982; 0.01542]
x1=[0.008006; 0.0173]
VB=[138 13.8 13.8 13.8 4.16]


Jan Simon
on 26 Jun 2013

GUIDE is the tool to create GUIs, so I assume you mean "different GUIs".

What does this mean: "Without a point before the first item"? Which item do you mean and what is a "point"?

What is the size of VB([3;4])? Do you try to multiply two [2x1] vectors with each other? This would create another error message.

Sorry! I had a confusion between GUIDE and GUIs

What I mean is that if you look at the code that is on the top that is part of my gui, you will notice that there is a point after the variable r1 and is not in the code at the bottom as this code is not made ​​in a gui.

It's strange because the code should work in both cases, so one is not done in gui. jj just equals 3, that information is incorrect.


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2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 26 Jun 2013
Edited by Jan Simon
on 26 Jun 2013
 Accepted answer

  1. When I execute code from GUIDE occurs error
  2. When I write the operation in command window, I have the result that I need.

This unequivocally means, that either the code called from your GUI differs from the code typed into the command window, or the data differ. Due to the omnipresence of typos, I'm convinced, that such a problem causes the troubles. Please check the code again. Perhaps you've edited the code but did not save it before running?


Jan Simon
on 27 Jun 2013

Again: There is no "other GUIDE", because "GUIDE" is a tool to design GUIs.

Using ASSIGNIN and EVALIN (or EVAL) is deprecated exactly for such reasons: The magic remote creation of variables impedes the debugging and in consequence the maintainability of programs. It is strongly recommended to use cleaner methods instead. See e.g. GUIDATA.

Learned lesson between GUIDE and GUIs, I did case your recommendation, clearly guidata is the correct option to store and save data.

Thank you very much for you help!

Jan Simon
on 30 Jun 2013

@Alexander: You are welcome. Of course you can imagine that I did not speak about the "omnipresence of typos" without proving this in my own code exhaustively before ;-)

Answer by Image Analyst
on 26 Jun 2013

Set a breakpoint on the "r=" line and see what jj is. Evidently jj is greater than 5. This link will help you:

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Thank you for your help! I'm working on it

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