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Christine Ak

How can I find transfer function from a difference equation?

Asked by Christine Ak
on 28 Jun 2013

Hey,,I'm new to matlab.

I have homework says that:- y(n)=0.4142y(n-1)+0.2929x(n)+0.2929x(n-1)

find H(z) ?? Plot the poles and zeros on the z-plan with the unit circle ?

Can Somebody help me ,, Please?? thank You !



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1 Answer

Answer by Shashank Prasanna
on 28 Jun 2013
 Accepted answer

This is not a MATLAB question.

Here is some theory:

You can certainly plug in those coefficients into tf (in the right way) and it will give you the transfer function.


Christine Ak
on 28 Jun 2013

Actually My Dr. want it in Matlab :/

I can't find such a way or a function to help me ! Thank You 4 ur help anyway

Shashank Prasanna
on 28 Jun 2013

Please take a look at the documentation page of TF:

You can create the transfer function by passing in the right arguments. I guess that's what the doctor ordered.

Christine Ak
on 28 Jun 2013

Thank You Soo much I think that helps me...... :)

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