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Image intensity profile analysis to locate the zero clusters of a gray image.

Asked by Josh

Josh (view profile)

on 28 Jun 2013

Hi Ashvin, thanks for your reply. But I am trying to trace the intensity profile of an image to locate the region of my interest(which is the vertebrae). How do I write a function to locate the zero clusters of the profile to mark the point.


Image Analyst

Image Analyst (view profile)

on 28 Jun 2013

Who's Ashvin? Do you want answers from only him? What is a "zero cluster"?


Evan (view profile)

on 28 Jun 2013

It looks like Josh meant to reply to this answer on his question thread:

Josh, if you want to reply to Ashvin, follow that link and, below his answer, click the button that reads "Comment on this Answer."


Josh (view profile)

0 Answers

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