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splitting uneven matrx in to two parts

Asked by PK on 29 Jun 2013

using mat2cell we can convert a big array in different cells but all are stored in a single variable as double matrices so how can we assign them to seperate, we split A=140x13 matrix in to 100x13 and 40x13 with A0=mat2cell(A,[100,40]) command it will be stored as [100x13 double] [ 40x13 double] cells in the same variable ,,,so after splitting how can we pin 100x13 and 40x13 to two different variables




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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst on 29 Jun 2013

First read this:

Then try this:

A = randi(9, [140, 13]);
topRows = A0{1};
bottomRows = A0{2};
% Or even better
topRows2 = A(1:100, :);
bottomRows2 = A(101:end,:);


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