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Magnitude and direction of vectors

Asked by Ede gerlderlands on 30 Jun 2013

I have really find it difficult to plot both flow and direction of flow vectors superimposed each other. I have plotted the direction of the flow vector using

quiver(n,s,x,y) .

But the magnitude is given by

mag= sqrt(x.^2+y.^2);

Is there a way to plot magnitude of vector with direction

Thanks in advance.



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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist
on 30 Jun 2013
Edited by the cyclist
on 30 Jun 2013

Really, I think you can solve your problem by reading the documentation for quiver() more carefully.

doc quiver

The first two arguments specify the spot where each vector will begin. The next two specify the length of each component.

x_start  = 1;
y_start  = 2;
x_length = 7;
y_length = 3;
quiver(x_start,y_start,x_length,y_length,scale); % Set scale==0, to prevent auto-scaling. See documentation.

For your real plot, x_start etc are going to be column vectors with your actual data.


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