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Mariam Sheha

How to convert binary image to graph?

Asked by Mariam Sheha
on 30 Jun 2013

Hi everybody,

Can you please help me to convert binary image results from _Laplacian of Gaussian (LOG) filter._ to graph?!

I don't know how to perform like such operation;

Thanks A lot.....


1 Answer

Answer by Kevin
on 2 Jul 2013
 Accepted answer

So this is a Laplacian matrix? I suggest you decompose this: L=D-A, where D is the degree matrix and A is the adjacency matrix. Then use gplot, which graphs a adjacency matrix as a set of coordinates in a plane.

"help gplot" is your friend



I Think what you recommend is just brilliant , Really i am very very thankful....but would you please inform me more about how to get that (L)... assume that D is the matrix i got after "Laplacian" filter what is the adjacency matrix??!!

But really (gplot) is just perfect recommendation THANK YOU :)

on 3 Jul 2013

It's easy to get L if you have A, but I don't think you can recover L from D. D is a diagonal matrix that has as the ith entry, the sum of the ith row of A.

what i had now is a binary image results from gaussian filter (as attached), do you know how to convert like such matrix to adjacency matrix??!!

Thanks in advance

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