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How to work with EEG miultiple electrode signal in matlab??

Asked by Riheen

Riheen (view profile)

on 3 Jul 2013

Hi, i am working with EEG signal in MATLAB. I have to do wavelet transform (DWT) to EEG signal. My data signal consist of 19 electrode signal. For my signal only C3 and C4 electrode signal contains important information. But i am confused how to work with two electrodes at a time. I can perform DWT to one electrode signal at a time. Is it possible to analyze 2 electrodes at a same time or it is enough to analyze only one electrode???

please help.....




Riheen (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

on 3 Jul 2013
Accepted answer

If you wish to use the DWT, you will have to work with one channel at a time.

You can perform the DWT on each channel separately.

However, you can do wavelet coherence analysis (analyze the joint time-scale properties) of the two time series by using wcoher()


 >>doc wcoher

for the reference material and

for a demo


Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

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