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Storing variable from a loop

Asked by Luv
on 12 Jul 2013

Hi I have the following program:


for i=1:N+1;

for j=1:N+1;

for k=1:N+1;

T=[0 0 0 (i-1)/N; 0 0 0 (j-1)/N; 0 0 0 (k-1)/N]);

A = T(:,4)'; % Notice the transpose

x= A(:,1);

y= A(:,2);

z= A(:,3);


hold all;




% from the T matrix, I want to extract my x, y and z coordinates where x=T(1,4), Y=T(2,4), Z=T(3,4).

there will be 8 possible combinations. Using those coordinates I want to create a surface. I have been able to individually extract the values of the coordinates but the program overwrites the value each time the loop runs. I am using x= A(:,1); etc. This way I am able to plot all 8 points but cannot make a surface.



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1 Answer

Answer by Matt J
on 12 Jul 2013



on 12 Jul 2013

Hi Matt,

I want to make a surface plot that spans these points.

The function that you provided does not change my plot in any way although it does alter the way that I store my matrix.

Thank you for your input.

Matt J
on 12 Jul 2013

You can do


for a surface plot using the same data.

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