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i want to write a code which will accept images from a directory and will apply an edge detection algorithm(e.g Sobel) on each and every image on-the-go. Can somebody help me?

Asked by Febin Benjamin on 13 Jul 2013

A fully functional code would be appreciated.


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 13 Jul 2013
 Accepted answer

Fully functional code is in the FAQ: Just put a call to edge() inside the loop.

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Febin Benjamin on 14 Jul 2013

Thanks a ton!

Answer by Abiola Marof
on 14 Jul 2013

Hi, am a new student working on image processing. I am in need of a working code to access a picture using eigenface and neural network using matlab. I will be glad if I can get a code for the two, so I can compare and measure. Thankz

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Image Analyst
on 14 Jul 2013

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