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How can I display x boxplots of x separate vectors of data side by side in the same figure ?

Asked by Panagiota
on 18 Jul 2013

I have four different vectors in my data. I want to create four different boxplots for each one of them and display them all in the same figure,side by side so I can compare them. Is that possible ? Subplot is not actually what would fit in this case and I have also tried 'hold on' but that doesn't work either (at least the way I do it). I am quite new in Matlab so could you please help me figure this out ? Thanks

first_plot=100*scores./counts; second_plot=100*Fscores./Fcounts; third_plot=100*Gscores./Gcounts; fourth_plot=100*Pscores./Pcounts;


could you please describe better what you want? I don't get why subplot does not work for you. with

subplot(2,2,k) for k= 1,2,3,4

you would get your 4 plots ( in a 2 x 2 disposition ) and be able to compare your data.

If possible, I would like to have only one figure with one plot area and the different boxplots displayed in that area side by side.


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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 18 Jul 2013

Put the data in a matrix with each vector a column vector and call boxplot() on the matrix.

    X = randn(100,4);

Does this not work for you? If not, can you please detail why?


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