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Auto-Code Generation with 2010b RealTime Workshop

Asked by Aamer
on 19 Jul 2013

I am using MATLAB 2010b and creating Models in SIMULINK. My companies counterparts in Japan updated a model with Stateflow. When I tried to auto-generate the code I received the following message:

Error using ==> autobuild_kernel>do_code_license_checking_if_needed at 256 To build RTW with Stateflow blocks requires a valid Stateflow Coder _license.

I'm considering converting the stateflow model to discrete SIMULINK blocks for now. I just want to make sure that Stateflow coder is required in 2010b to auto-generate code with stateflow models.



1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 19 Jul 2013
 Accepted answer

Yes, you do need Stateflow Coder to generate code from Stateflow charts in R2010b or older versions. In R2011a, the Simulink Coder product combines and replaces the Real-Time Workshop and Stateflow Coder products.


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