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How do I extract the TIFF preview from an EPS file using MATLAB?

Asked by Matthew Simoneau on 19 Jul 2013

EPS files can include embedded TIFF (and rarely WMF) previews for easy rendering in environments which do not have PostScript available. (See Wikipedia for more info.)

Given such an EPS, how can I extract the TIFF into a separate file using MATLAB?




1 Answer

Answer by Matthew Simoneau on 19 Jul 2013
 Accepted answer
% Define the source EPS file and the desired target TIFF to create.
source = 'ode_nonneg1.eps';
target = 'ode_nonneg1.tif';
% Read in the EPS file.
f = fopen(source,'rb');
d = fread(f,'uint8');
% Check the header to verify it is a TIFF.
if ~isequal(d(1:4),[197;208;211;198])
    error 'This does not appear to be a vaild TIFF file.'
% Extract the TIFF data location from the headers.
tiffStart = sum(d(21:24).*256.^(0:3)')+1;
tiffLength = sum(d(25:28).*256.^(0:3)');
% Write the TIFF file.
f = fopen(target,'w');


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