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Mariam Sheha

How to skip "roipoly" step?

Asked by Mariam Sheha
on 22 Jul 2013

Hi Everybody... wish you are doing well..

I got nice color segmentation color from your site "File Exchange" that one done by webinar, it's working well but i had a problem that i want to skip the roipoly step , where i am already using a segmented image as attached. Sample image:

I would appreciate your help telling me how can i use it on a segmented image instead of using "roipoly"...

Thanks Alot...

The Code:

% load image

rgb = imread('segmented 3.jpg');

x(:,:,1)=imresize(rgb(:,:,1),[480 640]);

x(:,:,2)=imresize(rgb(:,:,2),[480 640]);

x(:,:,3)=imresize(rgb(:,:,3),[480 640]);


% smooth image (reduce noise/color variation)

rgb = imfilter(rgb,ones(3,3)/9);

% view image and RGB layers (nonuniform illumination)

figure(1), set(1,'position',[99 79 826 589])

subplot(2,2,1), subimage(rgb), title('fabric image'), axis off

subplot(2,2,2), map=gray(256); map(:,2:3)=0; subimage(rgb(:,:,1),map), title('red layer'), axis off

subplot(2,2,3), map=gray(256); map(:,[1 3])=0; subimage(rgb(:,:,2),map), title('green layer'), axis off

subplot(2,2,4), map=gray(256); map(:,1:2)=0; subimage(rgb(:,:,3),map), title('blue layer'), axis off

% RGB histograms (poor separability)

figure(1), set(1,'position',[452 68 560 420])

figure(2), set(2,'position',[16 269 560 420])


c='rgb'; for i=1:3

 n=hist(reshape(double(rgb(:,:,i)),[480*640 1]),0.5:256);


axis tight, xlim([0 255]), box on

xlabel intensity, ylabel population, title histograms

% convert image to L*a*b* color space (transform)

cform = makecform('srgb2lab');

lab = applycform(rgb,cform);

% view components (note illumination free)


subplot(2,2,1), subimage(rgb), title('fabric image'), axis off

subplot(2,2,2), subimage(lab(:,:,1)), title('L* layer'), axis off

subplot(2,2,3), map=gray(256); map(:,3)=0; map(:,2)=map(end:-1:1,2);

subimage(lab(:,:,2),map), title('a* layer'), axis off

subplot(2,2,4), map=gray(256); map(:,3)=map(end:-1:1,3); subimage(lab(:,:,3),map), title('b* layer'), axis off

% select polygon region of interest

figure, imshow(rgb), roipoly

% predefined regions for 6 different colors present

load my_regioncoordinates figure(3), imshow(rgb) for i=1:6



% predefined regions (everything else suppressed)

mask = false([480 640 6]);

for i=1:6

mask(:,:,i) = roipoly(rgb,roi(:,1,i),roi(:,2,i));


bw=repmat(logical(sum(mask,3)),[1 1 3]);

im=rgb; im(~bw)=nan;

figure(14), imshow(im)

% color markers (region average values of L*, a* and b*)

l=lab(:,:,1); a=lab(:,:,2); b=lab(:,:,3);

for i = 1:6

cMark(i,1) = mean2(l(mask(:,:,i)));
cMark(i,2) = mean2(a(mask(:,:,i)));
cMark(i,3) = mean2(b(mask(:,:,i)));


% classify every pixel using nearest neighbor rule

distance = zeros([480 640 6]);

for i=1:6

dx=double(a)-cMark(i,2);  dy=double(b)-cMark(i,3);
distance(:,:,i) = sqrt(dx.^2 + dy.^2);


cLabels=0:5; [value,index]=min(distance,[],3);


% display segmented image


figure('position',[9 344 1005 334])

subplot(121), subimage(rgb), title('Original Image'), axis off,

subplot(122), subimage(label+1,cMap), title('Segmented Image'), axis off


Because you didn't explain what roi you want to use instead.

Your sample image does not appear to be segmented.

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