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How to call a .m-file through a push button?

Asked by Febin Benjamin on 24 Jul 2013

I have written a .m file which is performing some operations. Now i want to to execute the .m file that i created through the push button control... When i'l press the button my .m-file will be called and it will be executed.... So how do i achieve this?



1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

on 24 Jul 2013
Accepted answer

Did you create a button in GUIDE already? Then append a callback function there also. It could have a name like this:

function button1_Callback(ObjectH, EventData)

Then all the code you need is the name of your function. Insert it in the callback, save the file and your are ready.



BSantos (view profile)

on 26 Jul 2013

Hey Jan,

I have a question, regarding your answer. (funny sentence!)

First let me give an overview of my project: I have two separate GUIs, saved in two different folders, which one of them with their own functions and different purpose. While running GUI_1 (let's call it like that), the user can push a button and start GUI_2.

Now the problem: If, I do not run (F5) GUI_2 first, add it to the path of GUI_1, I get an error. Otherwise it works just fine!

The question: How can I add the path 'automatically', once the user pushes the button to start GUI_2? Maybe it's important to refer, that both GUIs are not compiled yet (just .m files).

Thanks in advance!!!!

Greets, BS.

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

on 26 Jul 2013

@BSantos: Appending a question as a comment to an answer of another question cause confusions and does not allow to accept an answer. So please post this as a new question. Then add the a copy of the complete error message also. Thanks.


BSantos (view profile)

on 29 Jul 2013

@Jan Simon: Done! :)

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

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