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How to call a .m-file through a push button?

Asked by Febin Benjamin on 24 Jul 2013

I have written a .m file which is performing some operations. Now i want to to execute the .m file that i created through the push button control... When i'l press the button my .m-file will be called and it will be executed.... So how do i achieve this?



1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 24 Jul 2013
 Accepted answer

Did you create a button in GUIDE already? Then append a callback function there also. It could have a name like this:

function button1_Callback(ObjectH, EventData)

Then all the code you need is the name of your function. Insert it in the callback, save the file and your are ready.


Hey Jan,

I have a question, regarding your answer. (funny sentence!)

First let me give an overview of my project: I have two separate GUIs, saved in two different folders, which one of them with their own functions and different purpose. While running GUI_1 (let's call it like that), the user can push a button and start GUI_2.

Now the problem: If, I do not run (F5) GUI_2 first, add it to the path of GUI_1, I get an error. Otherwise it works just fine!

The question: How can I add the path 'automatically', once the user pushes the button to start GUI_2? Maybe it's important to refer, that both GUIs are not compiled yet (just .m files).

Thanks in advance!!!!

Greets, BS.

Jan Simon
on 26 Jul 2013

@BSantos: Appending a question as a comment to an answer of another question cause confusions and does not allow to accept an answer. So please post this as a new question. Then add the a copy of the complete error message also. Thanks.

@Jan Simon: Done! :)

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