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SVM - SVMTRAIN method SMO (error: No convergence achieved within maximum number of iterations)

Asked by hamed
on 27 Jul 2013

I have been encountered with "No convergence achieved within maximum number of iterations" error. What can I do to fix the error? Please advise me




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1 Answer

Answer by Ilya
on 27 Jul 2013

You can increase the maximal number of iterations. See 'options' in the doc or help for svmtrain.


on 27 Jul 2013

thank you for answer i increase MaxItr to inf, but did not fix the error.

on 28 Jul 2013

Then do one or all of:

  • lower the box constraint
  • increase tolkkt
  • specify a positive value for kktviolationlevel
  • try a different kernel function

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