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Audio input stream unresponsive

Asked by Nur Syafiqah

Nur Syafiqah

on 28 Jul 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Bernhard


on 8 Nov 2013

I'm doing a project that gives the output of a video and its sound. this is my code:

    videoFReader = vision.VideoFileReader('kids.mp4','AudioOutputPort',true);
    videoPlayer = vision.VideoPlayer;
    while ~isDone(videoFReader)
    [videoFrame] = step(videoFReader);
    step(videoPlayer, videoFrame);

When I run the program, it states that

    Error using VideoFileReader/step
    the audio input stream has become unresponsive.
Error in one (line 62)
[videoFrame] = step(videoFReader);

What does it mean by audio input unresponsive? why does it happen? Hope someone can explain to me,thanks

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on 8 Nov 2013

I have the same error message when reading a large audio file in simulink with the "From Multimedia File" block.

Nur Syafiqah

Nur Syafiqah


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