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GUIDE MATLAB - Temporarily stopping the execution and reception of data from one program

Asked by Ivan
on 7 Aug 2013

Good day,

I'm doing a GUIDE in which receiving data to matlab workspace from another application via TCP / IP. At some point wish to stop this application and then restart after a while again. I tried with the command to interrupt "Ctrl+C" this, but I have not accomplished anything. Also I reviewed earlier post like this:

I hope your answers and comments

thank you, best regards




2 Answers

Answer by kjetil87
on 8 Aug 2013
Edited by kjetil87
on 8 Aug 2013
 Accepted answer

I often use a simple and easy method of stopping functions.It is easiest and cleanest if you are say reading in a loop or something like that.


while condition
    %"do some stuff"
    if exist(PAUSE_FILE,'file')

When you want to pause your program you simply create an empty txt file called "pause.txt" in the current matlab folder,and when you want to continue you can just type


in the matlab command prompt when you want to continue. I like it because the best way is often to keep it as simple as possible and you have full control over where you program pauses.

Hope it helps =)


Answer by Ivan
on 12 Aug 2013

Thanks kjetil87 for the answer..

Best regards


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