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how to save string values in matfile

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 20 Aug 2013
Accepted Answer by Jan

how to save string values in matfile

Instead of these integer values,

    label(1,1:44) = 0;
    label(1,45:316) = 1;
    label(1,317:362) = 0;
    label(1,363:555) = 1;
    label(1,556:588) = 0;
    label(1,589:834) = 1;

i want to store as '0' instead of 0 and '1' instead of 1.

When i did as label(1,1:44) = {'0'};

i got error

??? The following error occurred converting from cell to double: Error using ==> double Conversion to double from cell is not possible.

How to do it. Please do reply




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1 Answer

Answer by Jan
on 20 Aug 2013
Edited by Jan
on 20 Aug 2013
 Accepted answer

If label is a matrix of doubles you are trying to mix types in a matrix using

 label(1,1:44) = {'0'};

Instead, create a new cell array

 label_str = cell( size(label) );

and then fill it:

 label_str(1,1:44) = {'0'};
 label_str(1,45:316} = {'1'};

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thank you so much

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