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Meaning of the symbol in the equation

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 22 Aug 2013

Please can someone tell me what the ||equation||2 symbol denotes in the equation given the link.... Please do reply.... Please can anyone help me to code that line... i dont know what that symbol ||equation||2 stands for..... Please do reply what is the meaning of


Please do reply.....


Elysi Cochin



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1 Answer

Answer by Jan on 22 Aug 2013
Accepted answer

you are looking at the square of a vector norm:

||v||^2 = sqrt( v_1^2 + v_2^2 + ... + v_n^2 ) = v_1^2 + v_2^2 + ... + v_n^2

1 Comment

Elysi Cochin on 22 Aug 2013

thank u sir...


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