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how i can reshape image from original size to new size

Asked by Ahmed almansory on 23 Aug 2013


 i want to reshape image (matrix) from 6x5000 to another size must be power of 2 such as 64x64,128x128 or 256x256 to do some calculation then return image to original size.

(these calculation must contain all pixels in original image)



2 Answers

Answer by David Sanchez
on 23 Aug 2013

The resizing of the image comes to a price, and that's a loss of information. You can resize your image, do whatever you want to it, but then, you can not expect to go back to the original size (bigger) and get back the same original image with the same information, or even worse, the extra information obtained with the process extended to the original image.


Answer by Image Analyst
on 23 Aug 2013
Edited by Image Analyst
on 23 Aug 2013

Have you seen the imresize() function in the Image Processing Toolbox?

image64 = imresize(originalImage, [64, 64]);


Yes I've seen, but this function does not take all image pixels means i have 6x5000 pixels (irregular dimension.... i want to apply wcompress function on this image ,this function take power 2 dimention. thanks for your replay

It can take all pixels into consideration when you do some resizing (i.e. bicubic interpolation) but does not under some other options ('nearest'). So I don't know why you say that.

I've never heard of the wcompress() function.

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