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Gray image to rgb image

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 27 Aug 2013

I converted a color image to gray using rgb2gray and denoised the image. Now i wanted to convert the denoised gray image to a color image... Is it possible.... Please can someone help me.... Please do reply....


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 27 Aug 2013
 Accepted answer

You can use ind2rgb() but you have to supply a colormap. It won't look like the original colors though - you lost those when you went to gray. Why don't you just denoise each channel one at a time? Or convert to hsv and denoise just the v channel. Either of those methods will not lose the color information like your method does.

I posted a demo here: Salt and pepper noise removal in a color image

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Image Analyst
on 27 Aug 2013

MATLAB has a rgb2ycbcr function and ycbcr2rgb function - try that. ALso, why are your arrays 4D arrays? Inside the custom-written functinos they're 3D arrays but I don't even know why they're that. Why aren't they 2D arrays like normal?

Answer by Donghui Sun
on 27 Aug 2013

ind2rgb() or ind2rgb8().


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