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gradient image of multi -spectral image

Asked by preet
on 29 Aug 2013

when i tried this code for color gradient in RGB ,i faced a problem.

atan() function gives us range from(-pi,pi).



and to convert (0,360) degree i do


but this does not give me satisfactory result.

i want a angle matrix mean 'teta' has value (0,360) degree

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Amith Kamath
on 29 Aug 2013

Have you tried contacting the author of this code?



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 29 Aug 2013

Have you considered using atan2() ?


on 1 Sep 2013

i m using atan()

Walter Roberson
on 1 Sep 2013

I am aware of that. But if the information is available then atan2() is more appropriate.

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