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gamma() differences between 6.1 and 2012 a versions?

Asked by Oscar
on 8 Sep 2013

Hi, As you can guess I'm a newbie, so please be patient with any nonsense i write ;)

I was solving a sum wich includad a factorial but I was unable to make it work using factorial(), so after searching for a while I found a workaround using gamma(). The sum is this one :

Well...that seems to be right.

I used MATLAB 6.1. BUT, whan trying to do exactly the same in MATLAB 2012a it doesn't work. It just ans= the same function I introduced.

What am I doing wrong? How can I make it work in 2012a?


You won't get any more people answering by creating a new question ;-)

What is the output when you try with

syms x
symsum( x^2/factorial(x), 1, inf)

Also, try

syms x
symsum( x^2/sym('fact(x)'), 1, inf)


evalin(symengine, 'sum(x^2/fact(x), x=1..infinity)' )
on 12 Sep 2013

Hi, I've tried what you suggested and these are the results I've got :

As you see, just the same answers as before. I don't know what else to do.

1 Answer

Answer by Oscar
on 17 Sep 2013

Well... In MATLAB Answers no one has the answer, or at least those who have it won't share it.

Bye. It's been a ver helpful lack of time. (Excepting Walter, for a while).


Oscar, I do not work for Mathworks (if I did I would have all of the toolboxes). I would have to scrape my mail archives to find even one non-public Mathworks phone number or email address that I might have been given. I have suggested that Mathworks give me a list of email addresses that I could forward items such as this to, but no list was provided in response.

I also do not have a support contract at present, so I cannot even open cases on other people's behalf.

Jan Simon
on 19 Sep 2013

@Walter: You do not work for Mathworks. If you did you would have all of the toolboxes. Well. Do you have any evidence for these two claims? On one hand I assume you mean, that you are not payed by Mathworks. On the other hand I contemplate if you are a toolbox.

The public phone numbers are working very well and TMW reacts to emails to the obvious addresses. When you choose a wrong mail address, they do not hesitate to forward your mail to the concerned person of functional address.

No, No! I work for Canada Eat The Cookie Foundation. Sometimes the work is beneficial to Mathworks, sometimes it is beneficial to other people.

I would tend to think that if I were a toolbox, that I would be receiving a share of the software maintenance fees ;-)

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