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Matlab R2013a Kinect toolbox infrared

Asked by Greg
on 10 Sep 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Anchit Dhar
on 23 Jul 2014

Hi all,

I've been using the Kinect Toolbox and have been able to get both color and depth images (great work Mathworks!). According to this site:

"Capturing IR stream data is as simple as capturing a color image stream, as the SDK returns the infrared stream as a part of the color image stream data. The only changes are required on ColorImageFormat and PixelFormats."

So I tried to use this command to acquire the IR signal:

colorVid = videoinput('kinect',1,'InfraredResolution640x480Fps30');

but that failed. Also, I tried to use colorVid.ColorStream = 'Enabled', but that resulted in an invalid property. Does the kinect toolbox support acquiring the IR signal?

Cheers, Greg


I am currently working in a project that achieves to measure temperature changes using MatLab, and I also need to know how to fix this, please somebody help us.

Dear all, as far I know the device ID "Infrared_640x480" is supported by Matlab R2013b. See release note:

More details in:

Germán Malpede


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1 Answer

Answer by Marco
on 19 Sep 2013

For what I can read from here: it seems to be possible, but if i try

imgVid = videoinput('kinect',1,'Infrared_640x480');

it gives me an error.....

Error using videoinput (line 319)
The FORMAT specified is not supported by this device. See IMAQHWINFO(ADAPTORNAME).

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The 'Infrared_640x480' format is only exposed R2013b onwards.

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