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There are no are no products available to install from this location

Asked by John
on 14 Jan 2011
Latest activity Edited by Scott
on 29 May 2014

When I try to install MATLAB from downloads, I get the following error message:

There are no products available to install from this location. You may need to download the appropriate products from our web-site (

I'm installing from downloads. What is going on here?

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on 29 May 2014

Great question John, we do get questions about this error from time to time. For the most up-to-date procedure on solving this problem, please see the official MathWorks support article on the topic:

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Answer by Ian Jessen
on 14 Jan 2011
 Accepted answer

The MATLAB Installer is a modular application capable of installing all MathWorks products. The Installer must have access to all necessary product archives in order for a product to appear as an installation option. If the archives are missing or corrupted for all products, the Installer will fail with the error message “There are no products to install from this location.”

This error is most common when installing from downloaded installation files, but can also occur when installing from a repackaged installation disc provided by a university or other institution. In either case, the solution is to ensure that the file structure of the installer is appropriate and contains all necessary product archives.

All product archives must be located in the same folder as the Installer application, either “setup.exe” for Windows, “” for Mac, or “install” for Linux. Product archives may also be located in a sub-folder, commonly titled “archives”.

In many cases each product is packaged into multiple archive files, including “common” and architecture-specific zip files (ex: and All archive files, including the common and architecture-specific files, must be present in order for a product to be recognized by the Installer.

Most product archives are provided as .zip files. These files are encrypted and cannot be successfully extracted by any application other than the MathWorks installer. Do not extract these .zip files. If the zip files have been extracted, you must replace their extracted contents with the original .zip file.

In all cases when you are not running the installer from a MathWorks provided installation DVD (including downloads and university or institution provided discs) you must save all files to your local hard drive. Do not run the installer directly from the website, it must be saved first. Similarly, copy the entire contents of the university or institution provided disc to a folder on your hard drive before executing the installer.


Mark Dow
on 30 Sep 2013

This is a fine answer. Why isn't it in the documentation for installation? Or referenced on the download page?

I completely agree with Mark. This information should be provided by the Mathworks not by the user community; so unprofessional. I struggled for several hours trying to solve this problem and only looked at this post as a last resort. Thank you Ian.

on 1 Apr 2014

In my experience, on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), using MATLAB R2012b:

  • The * files go into the archives/maci64 subdirectory.
  • The * files go into the main directory.

In the attached screenshot, note where the two Control_System_Toolbox94 files reside.

Ignore the License_Manager119 files -- they came with the installer .zip file, and the common file location is a red herring. When I placed the file into that common directory, I was able to get farther into the installation, past the "no products available" window, but then got another error telling me to put the common file in the main directory.


Answer by George
on 26 Oct 2013

Hi everybody,

I've followed Ian's instructions to no avail (see attached snapshot of the Installer folder. Still get the dreaded "There are no products available to install from this location. You may need to download the appropriate products from our web-site ("

Any suggestions on how to solve this rather frustrating problem will be much appreciated.



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on 26 Oct 2013

It looks like your missing the "common" zip files for all three products.

Answer by Matt Stevens
on 3 Nov 2013
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 26 Jan 2014

Also have the same error message. Also took all files found in the common archive and put them in the archives folder specifically for Mac installation such that /Users/matt/Downloads/MLA1307/archives contains 2 shitloads of .zip files:

One is a folder containing many zip files within a folder called maci64. and the other one is the the following set of "common" archives I pulled out of the other zipped downloaded "common" matlab download. 2 thumbs up for the half wit who thought up this lazy scheme for selling customers software.

Additionally, taking "common" archives and sticking them in with the other archives doesn't work. Perhaps testing placing these files in various neighboring locations and reattempting to click through the installer prompts will work, but what the hell is wrong with Matlab? Who failed to fire the guys who created this piece of wonder? ANyway, where do the common files need to be manually placed so that the script that should be placing them there in the first place can finish installing?


Answer by Matt Stevens
on 3 Nov 2013
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 26 Jan 2014

Additional note:

If the above answer is true then you should be able to do an ls in terminal on the folder containing the and among the list of contents should be a folder called 'archives' containing some list of encrypted zip files.

Unfortunately, simply having the necessary files in the stated location is not sufficient for getting the installation to work. it appears you can have the files in the same folder as the installer application and it will continue to fail:

Below is a listing of the directory contents for a non-functional installation which generates the same error message as one would expect for a directory which is missing the encrypted zip files.
MLA1307 2


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