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how to run program in matlab?

Asked by aisha
on 17 Sep 2013

i am finding problem while i run program , window shows a message that data file is not found whereas file is present in the directory.



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5 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 17 Sep 2013
 Accepted answer

Did you construct the full file name (folder plus base file name plus extension) with the fullfile() function, or did you just use the base filename and extension and hope that somehow the file was luckily on your search path?


Answer by Jan Simon
on 17 Sep 2013

Please take the time and read your question again. Then check, whether a meaning answer is possible based on the provided information. All we know, is that you expect a file at a certain location but any program shows an error message, that the file is not there. I'm convinced, and you could be it also, that the file is not there, because computers to not cheat or lie in such situations. This means, that your expectation is wrong.

If you show us, which code you use, where the file is, which program you call and explain why you assume, that the file is there, we have a chance to post a meaningful answer.

Image Analyst took his experience with answering questions for many years to guess more details.


Answer by aisha
on 17 Sep 2013

I am using program developed by someone and in the program folder i have files names like data.m, data.out etc. when i run the code, software gives some highlighted errors with message of "fix" and for some error just "details".


yfm is null - no rows. But if that's the case then why does it say you have 565 columns? That's a weird one - you might want to ask the Mathworks about that. You might try

[rows, columns] = size(yfm);
for i = 1 : columns

If I send you complete code along data file can you help me where is the problem, why results are not published??

I may or may not have time for that. No need to "send" the file - just attach it via the paper clip icon above the edit box when you enter a new comment.

Answer by aisha
on 17 Sep 2013

I am using matlab program from following link:


Answer by aisha
on 18 Sep 2013

when I run the above mentioned program, out put is not complete. some errors are shown with fix or detail message. how to fix these errors?


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